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Spring is here! (Sort of)

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While the first official day of spring has come and gone, here in Maine the weather the last few weeks has still seemed distinctly winter-ish. Snow and ice are still on the ground, and while the temperatures are creeping upward, it seems hard to imagine that in a few short days April Fools’ Day will be upon us! This time of year always brings changes in the type of work that we are doing as well- we begin moving from indoor projects to outside, working on the grounds in order to prepare for the new season. The ALM cottage is progressing rapidly; insulation has been added in and we are picking out details such as furniture and flooring. We will be posting updated pictures at some point this week on our Facebook page, so be sure to check back with us frequently. We are also beginning the search for help in the 2017 season- if you are looking for work or know someone that is for the summer, we are happily accepting applications for most positions at the email address “[email protected]”. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, we are still in the reservations office from 9 AM to 2 PM weekdays, so if you are interested in reservations or if you simply have questions, please feel free to call us at 207-244-5036, or toll-free at 800-244-5036.

In Transition

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Hello, readers!


The weather’s been pretty wild here over the last several weeks; we’ve gone from getting roughly 4 feet of snow in about a week to 50 degrees and sunny back to single digit temperatures. With that being said, we’re happy to see much of the snow melting off, and we’re beginning to turn our minds toward spring cleaning both outside on the property and inside our cottages and the hotel. If you’re coming to visit this summer, be sure to have a look at our lobby; Janet Madeira did fabulous work this winter on putting on new coats of paint and choosing new carpeting for the first floor stairs- it looks great! We’ve also chosen a few bureaus to refinish this winter in an effort to keep the rooms looking nice. Also keep an eye out on the web for our new Xanthus website, which should be going up soon, with more information to follow in a later update. Spring is coming soon and reservations are picking up, so be sure to contact us soon  at 207-244-5036 or email [email protected] to book!


Cottage Rate Changes

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Hello again! This week we wanted to provide our guests with some information about some changes to the rate structure that we have made, particularly with regard to our cottages. Previously, we had a single rate for the spring from when we opened cottages (the last weekend in May) until the end of June. This season, we have decided to split that time period and introduce a lower rate from when we open the cottages to the date that we open the main hotel facilities and the hotel restaurant (this year, June 16th). Be sure to take a look at the “rates” page at the website to see how these rates have changed. We have already made these adjustments for guests that have booked reservations with us in advance. As ever, we do offer a lower rate for cottage guests that reserve a seven-day or greater stay with us. Work is continuing at the ALM cottage; windows have been installed and work on the interior has begun. Check our facebook page for updated photographs. We are also continuing to gather email addresses for a mailing list; this mailing list would be for general hotel announcements and would not be used for any other commercial purpose. If you are interested in being added to our email mailing list, you can send us an email at [email protected] and we will be sure to add you.  

Remembering Alan Madeira

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                          Hello again! We are once again resuming our blog posting with some updates about what is happening this winter at the Claremont. As many of you may know, at the end of last summer we were dismayed by the tragic loss of a longtime Claremont employee and friend, Alan Madeira. Some of our guests may not have known Alan, for he spent most of his time at the Claremont during the off-season working on various projects, but his work is evidenced all over the Claremont property from the main hotel to each and every cottage, the Boathouse, the Clark Point Meeting Room, and even the grounds themselves. He was a kind and generous man, and his care for the Claremont could be seen in many of the renovations he participated in, but also when he would come to the hotel in a blinding snowstorm to be certain that pipes hadn’t frozen, that pumps were working, and to clear fallen trees from the road. Alan also had a deep and abiding love for croquet; he would play in our annual tournament every August and would help us to draft press releases for the tournament every year. In short, Alan knew as much or more about the Claremont than anyone else here now, and he will be sorely missed. It is for this reason that we have decided to rename the cottage formerly known as “W-4” to the “ALM” cottage in his memory. This change also comes as we are making substantial renovations to the ALM cottage this winter. The new ALM cottage will feature three bedrooms, each with a queen bed and ensuite private bath. Two bedrooms will be upstairs in the cottage and will have small balconies, but all rooms will have fantastic views of Somes Sound as the cottage is located directly on the shoreline. This season, we will continue to allow three-night minimum rentals, but next season we will be changing to weekly rentals only in the ALM cottage like we do with the Rowse House. Keep any eye on our Facebook page for pictures and updates on progress at the ALM cottage, and we are open in the reservation office weekdays from 9 AM to 2 PM.

Transitioning to the fall season

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Guests and friends of the Claremont,


It has been some time since our last blog post; however, we are endeavoring to provide more regular updates through this medium in the future. In this first post for the near-end of the high season, we wanted to take some time to remind guests and others of the changes that will be occurring over the next few weeks. The first of these changes will be that we will be closing the Boathouse restaurant on Thursday, September 8th. We hope to see as many of you as possible before that date, and we thank those of you who make the Boathouse a special place year after year. We also will be hosting two weddings this fall, on September 10th and September 17th; for those dates, Xanthus will be closed for regular service. Finally, rates will be dropping for the fall season on September 1st, and we have also added fall packages for certain landview rooms in the hotel that will be available that same day. The packages are a great value for both a short stay in the hotel and a fabulous meal at Xanthus. We look forward to seeing many of you soon, and we hope that you are able to join us for (arguably) the most beautiful part of the season in Maine!

-The Claremont Staff

Commencing the Claremont’s 131st Season

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It is hard to believe that we have now been fully open in the hotel and cottages for almost a week! Reservations have picked up significantly, and this weekend looks to be a very busy weekend for a typical June. Thanks to our team of dedicated employees, the buildings and grounds look spectacular, and we are looking forward to once again sharing one of the most beautiful spots on Mount Desert Island with our summer visitors.

Xanthus Restaurant is also open for the season from 6-9 by reservation; in June, September and October it is closed on Monday nights. For more information or to book a reservation for Xanthus, call the front desk at the Claremont at 207-244-5036. We are offering package reservations through July that guests can book which include meals at Xanthus in the evening at a discounted price. The Boathouse is still under construction; we hope to have it available and ready to go by its normal opening date in the first week of July.

Our first event of our weekly lecture and concert series is a lecture that will be taking place on July 10th. The brochures that detail this series are at the printers, and will be available in the first week of July. To get on the mailing list, call us or send an email to [email protected] Lectures are free and open for the general public to attend; concerts are open with a $10 admission price. Hotel guests may attend events free of charge.

Finally, keep checking our facebook page for more information on events, opening information, and more!


5 days until opening day!

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Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching, and with it the beginning of our early season! On Friday, May 23rd, we will open some of our cottages and the Phillips House, with more cottages and the Rowse House to follow. We will also be expanding the hours that we will be in the office; we will be available there from 8 AM to 8 PM every day. Xanthus will not be open initially, as is the case for every year, we will open the restaurant on June 13th when we open the main hotel building.

Work on the boathouse is ongoing; the glass doors that will take the place of the wall facing the ocean have arrived and will soon be installed. We have had plumbers and electricians working on the interior portion, and new equipment is being ordered!

We are still looking for summer help- if you are interested, call us at 207-244-5036, send an email with your resume attached, or come by and fill out an application!

Preparations continue for our summer visitors!

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Work is continuing in the process to prepare for our summer guests. The new floor of the boathouse has been completed, and the deck is being reassembled today as well! Soon, the structure will be moved back to where it has been for years, and work on the interior of the building will commence in earnest. New decks are being built on the W cottages, and we are beginning to turn our thoughts toward hiring our summer team for the new season. It seems that those who have been calling for reservations now are also able to think forward to the summer, as I am more frequently being asked, “What sorts of things should we do while we visit?” These kinds of questions brought to mind a passage from the hotel’s history book that I thought worth sharing:

“Only the pace of summer living has changed. In the Claremont’s first year, and until the automobile’s arrival on mount Desert 30 years later, a summer day’s recreation was a gentle series of politely paced outdoor activities during those superb mornings and afternoons and gentle doings like hymn singing and reading aloud on quiet evenings… Most of the island’s visitors were there because they loved the Maine outdoors that was the stage for their summer holidays. Hiking, mountain climbing, nature study, boating, canoeing, hay rides, buckboard outings, berry picking- any experience that put them in closer touch with island’s unspoiled natural presences were the rusticator’s favorites. For those who sought “organized” sport, tennis was most popular. From its earliest days, the Claremont’s tennis court was there just a few steps away from the hotel’s southwest corner, close to its present location.”

These sorts of activities are still the kinds of activities that we recommend today. While buckboards have been exchanged for cars, and the park is a main attraction for many, we still have folks who come that love to play tennis next to the hotel, to explore, climb mountains and pick berries. Some things may have changed, but the modern-day “rusticator” still comes to Maine for the unspoiled natural beauty that remains.


Keep checking our facebook page for updates- we’ll be putting up more pictures of the boathouse, and announcing spring package rates soon!

Spring is Coming!

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Yes, folks, it looks like the weather may finally be starting to turn. Today’s temperature may reach almost 50 degrees; it’s hard to imagine that just last week we were on the cusp of yet another storm, with a few inches of snow falling. The week before, we were under a blizzard warning, and the storm didn’t disappoint. High winds and snow/ice caused some damage to some of the trees that line the drive, as well as the large tree near the tennis court and parking area. Around 6 PM that night, large parts of three of these trees fell onto the road. Thankfully, however, Alan and Jay Madeira were on the scene with a chainsaw, and quickly cleared the debris from the road a few hours later. The swiftness of this response merits noting, and we would like to take this opportunity to give a special thanks to the Madeiras, (Jay, Al and Janet), who have worked tirelessly for many years to keep the Claremont in good repair and deal with these small crises as they arise. Winter has kept a long grip on Maine this year; it seems like it started early in December and we were still seeing snow fly on March 31! Nevertheless, the birds are beginning to return and we are looking forward to spending more time getting everything ready for our summer guests!

Work on the Boathouse continues; it seems like we are receiving materials daily to be brought down for the contractors. We are also doing some work in the living room in the hotel, the ceiling is getting some much needed attention, and the ladies room got a fresh coat of paint as well! Check our facebook page for photos, we will be updating them regularly!

Renovations and Maintenance Projects at the Claremont in 2014

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For those that don’t know, we are doing some major renovations at one of the Claremont’s most popular spots, the Boathouse! The building has been entirely emptied, and is actually going to be lifted from the ground and moved back on the lawn while some foundation work is done. While it is on the lawn, we will be making some significant changes, including a (small) increase in size. Updates will be coming, and we’ll be posting pictures on the Claremont’s facebook page. We plan to have these renovations completed in time to open at our normal time at the beginning of July.

This is not the only work being done during the offseason, however. We are working on W1 to bring it in line with the renovations done on the kitchens in W2 and W3, along with some work on the side porches in those units. Several of the rooms upstairs have gotten fresh coats of paint, and we are also working on the public restrooms in the hotel. As ever, we endeavor to maintain the historic character of the Claremont while at the same time improving our facilities to bring the best experience possible to our guests. We look forward to your responses and feedback about these projects as they continue!

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