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Reflections on Summer at the Claremont on a snowy day

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It has been quite some time since our last blog entry, in fact, we have only recently re-introduced the “blogs” link to our website! Despite the snow that is quickly piling up outside, we are already thinking about next summer: taking reservations, working on the rooms and assembling our team for the season. It is in this spirit that we want to recall another summer, the summer that Xanthus Smith stayed at the Claremont and made the painting that hangs on the wall in the dining room:

“Those August days must have been golden, for the Xanthus Smith portrait of the Claremont in its second year is one of his finest works. The colors are soft, the mood tranquil, and the hotel itself rises lightly from its hill overlooking the dock with its moored Whitehall skiffs with their classic curves and wine-glass sterns. There is, in the portrait, the essence of the time, a sense of gentle living, soft on the landscape. Although he  could not have known it, Xanthus Smith caught and held the Claremont’s fine tranquility- the serenity inherent in its presence and location.”

Excerpt from John Cole’s “Summer Hotel”


Feel free to comment with some of your favorite summer memories at the Claremont!

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