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Renovations and Maintenance Projects at the Claremont in 2014

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For those that don’t know, we are doing some major renovations at one of the Claremont’s most popular spots, the Boathouse! The building has been entirely emptied, and is actually going to be lifted from the ground and moved back on the lawn while some foundation work is done. While it is on the lawn, we will be making some significant changes, including a (small) increase in size. Updates will be coming, and we’ll be posting pictures on the Claremont’s facebook page. We plan to have these renovations completed in time to open at our normal time at the beginning of July.

This is not the only work being done during the offseason, however. We are working on W1 to bring it in line with the renovations done on the kitchens in W2 and W3, along with some work on the side porches in those units. Several of the rooms upstairs have gotten fresh coats of paint, and we are also working on the public restrooms in the hotel. As ever, we endeavor to maintain the historic character of the Claremont while at the same time improving our facilities to bring the best experience possible to our guests. We look forward to your responses and feedback about these projects as they continue!

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