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Preparations continue for our summer visitors!

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Work is continuing in the process to prepare for our summer guests. The new floor of the boathouse has been completed, and the deck is being reassembled today as well! Soon, the structure will be moved back to where it has been for years, and work on the interior of the building will commence in earnest. New decks are being built on the W cottages, and we are beginning to turn our thoughts toward hiring our summer team for the new season. It seems that those who have been calling for reservations now are also able to think forward to the summer, as I am more frequently being asked, “What sorts of things should we do while we visit?” These kinds of questions brought to mind a passage from the hotel’s history book that I thought worth sharing:

“Only the pace of summer living has changed. In the Claremont’s first year, and until the automobile’s arrival on mount Desert 30 years later, a summer day’s recreation was a gentle series of politely paced outdoor activities during those superb mornings and afternoons and gentle doings like hymn singing and reading aloud on quiet evenings… Most of the island’s visitors were there because they loved the Maine outdoors that was the stage for their summer holidays. Hiking, mountain climbing, nature study, boating, canoeing, hay rides, buckboard outings, berry picking- any experience that put them in closer touch with island’s unspoiled natural presences were the rusticator’s favorites. For those who sought “organized” sport, tennis was most popular. From its earliest days, the Claremont’s tennis court was there just a few steps away from the hotel’s southwest corner, close to its present location.”

These sorts of activities are still the kinds of activities that we recommend today. While buckboards have been exchanged for cars, and the park is a main attraction for many, we still have folks who come that love to play tennis next to the hotel, to explore, climb mountains and pick berries. Some things may have changed, but the modern-day “rusticator” still comes to Maine for the unspoiled natural beauty that remains.


Keep checking our facebook page for updates- we’ll be putting up more pictures of the boathouse, and announcing spring package rates soon!

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