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Spring is Coming!

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Yes, folks, it looks like the weather may finally be starting to turn. Today’s temperature may reach almost 50 degrees; it’s hard to imagine that just last week we were on the cusp of yet another storm, with a few inches of snow falling. The week before, we were under a blizzard warning, and the storm didn’t disappoint. High winds and snow/ice caused some damage to some of the trees that line the drive, as well as the large tree near the tennis court and parking area. Around 6 PM that night, large parts of three of these trees fell onto the road. Thankfully, however, Alan and Jay Madeira were on the scene with a chainsaw, and quickly cleared the debris from the road a few hours later. The swiftness of this response merits noting, and we would like to take this opportunity to give a special thanks to the Madeiras, (Jay, Al and Janet), who have worked tirelessly for many years to keep the Claremont in good repair and deal with these small crises as they arise. Winter has kept a long grip on Maine this year; it seems like it started early in December and we were still seeing snow fly on March 31! Nevertheless, the birds are beginning to return and we are looking forward to spending more time getting everything ready for our summer guests!

Work on the Boathouse continues; it seems like we are receiving materials daily to be brought down for the contractors. We are also doing some work in the living room in the hotel, the ceiling is getting some much needed attention, and the ladies room got a fresh coat of paint as well! Check our facebook page for photos, we will be updating them regularly!

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