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Hello, readers!


The weather’s been pretty wild here over the last several weeks; we’ve gone from getting roughly 4 feet of snow in about a week to 50 degrees and sunny back to single digit temperatures. With that being said, we’re happy to see much of the snow melting off, and we’re beginning to turn our minds toward spring cleaning both outside on the property and inside our cottages and the hotel. If you’re coming to visit this summer, be sure to have a look at our lobby; Janet Madeira did fabulous work this winter on putting on new coats of paint and choosing new carpeting for the first floor stairs- it looks great! We’ve also chosen a few bureaus to refinish this winter in an effort to keep the rooms looking nice. Also keep an eye out on the web for our new Xanthus website, which should be going up soon, with more information to follow in a later update. Spring is coming soon and reservations are picking up, so be sure to contact us soon  at 207-244-5036 or email [email protected] to book!


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